Types of Cerebral Palsy and their Meaning

Launching of the Cerebral Palsy Foundation(SNCPF) of Sultana Nabilah

The Cerebral Palsy Foundation (SNCPF) of Sultana Nabilah has launched a new initiative to build a “inclusive village” for people who require special care. The non-profit organisation’s mission is to provide comprehensive care for teenagers and adults with neurological conditions. SNCPF was founded in memory of Nabilah, a 15-year-old girl with cerebral palsy, and its mission is to provide a network of care for other people with disabilities.

The foundation’s launch in Lagos saw the announcement of the project, which will include purpose-built studio flats, 18 two-bedroom apartments, a recreation and therapy hall, an office building, spaces for entrepreneurial activities, a cinema, laundry, and green areas. According to the SNCPF board of trustees, a minimum of 2000 sqm of space is required for the project to be completed on the Lagos mainland for easy access to the metropolis. According to Raliat Oyetunde, executive secretary of the board of trustees, the initiative is not only intended to provide a thriving environment for people with disabilities, but also to allow for creative bloom and brilliance. People with neurological conditions will be able to thrive in society thanks to the inclusive village

Denike Oyetunde-Lawal, a senior special assistant to the Lagos governor on PWDs, spoke at the launch about the significance of the proposed facility and assured the state government’s commitment to the initiative. Mary Akpobome, a member of the foundation’s board of trustees, also pledged N15 million at the event. The SNCPF has issued an open call for project partners and donors.

Millions of people with disabilities are expected to benefit from the inclusive village, making the world a better place. There is often genuine concern about people with disabilities being excluded from society, and this initiative aims to alleviate that concern. The board of trustees of the organisation is optimistic that the project will improve the lives of Nabilah and millions of other people like her.

Interested parties can donate and become partners in this noble cause by contacting SNCPF via email at [email protected].

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