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Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders affecting normal movement in different parts of the body. This condition can cause problems with posture, walking (gait), muscle tone, and movement coordination. The word “cerebral” refers to the brain’s cerebrum, which is the part of the brain that regulates motor function. “Palsy” describes the paralysis of voluntary movement in certain parts of the body. There are several types of cerebral palsy that are characterized by the location of the brain injury. Symptoms can vary depending on where and how badly the brain is damaged. Depending on how the condition is managed, motor skills can improve or worsen over time. While symptoms and severity vary from case to case, there are many medical and support options to help children with cerebral palsy live fulfilling lives. Some children develop cerebral palsy from birth injuries either caused by medical malpractice or negligence. These cerebral palsy cases stem from inadequate care from medical professionals during childbirth. The Sultana Nabilah Foundation was borne out of the experience garnered by Raliat Oyetunde, whose second child, Nabilah, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at eight months.

Nabilah’s cerebral palsy journey.

Sultana Nabilah was born 23rd November 2007 in Lagos, Nigeria. The mother’s first hint at something unusual was the general delay of Nabilah’s growth milestones. On examination, Nabilah had some dysmorphisms (narrow face, hypertelorism, low-set ears, narrow slanting palpebral fissures). An assessment of Cerebral Palsy (Flaccid type) was made, and some of the issues identified were: delayed Milestones (Motor, Social, Language), ddysmorphism, elevated serum magnesium and iron deficiency. The story of Nabilah’s journey has demystified Cerebral Palsy or chromosomal anomaly of any kind. She was born one year after her elder sister, and her birth was celebrated as she was born into royalty and was the second granddaughter after several grandsons. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy at eight months, Nabilah’s parents have embraced the care and nurture of Nabilah as a God-given assignment. Of course, it wasn’t easy to accept this, as the parents ran from the USA to the UK to UAE, seeking medical interventions to change the narrative. There were the initial denials, cries, prayers, and seeking of both orthodox and unorthodox solutions. Nabilah’s treatments have spanned Nigeria and the western continents, starting from the Children’s Lifeline Hospital in Lekki to various physiotherapists and occupational, speech and movement therapies. Getting her into mainstream schooling took different approaches through HMS Montessori, Casa de Bambini, and the Learning Place (TLP & TLPC. Today, Nabilah is at Anthos House by Greensprings, and she is doing excellently well. Nabilah has not only built self-confidence and a level of confidence, but she has also transitioned from a day student to a boarding student! She has adjusted to boarding school faster than we envisaged.


As Nabilah grows, the question of how a child with special abilities would cope when she turns 18 and has outgrown her currentd Boarding school has become the foundation of the Sultana Nabilah’s Foundation. These are questions parents of children with special needs do worry about. Would they be able to live in an apartment on their own? Would they eventually get married and have a family of their own? Can they earn an income? What if the parents are no longer capable of supporting them or even in cases where they pass on? These questions have led to this excellent choice of setting up a foundation for Nabilah and other young adults of determination (people with determination is the term used for special ability individuals also). The Foundation is founded on the firm belief that nothing is impossible and all children, irrespective of their health inabilities, can thrive and live a holistic life.


To create a holistic life for young adults with cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions using our core values

Our Core Values: TATES

  • T- Teamwork working with families, caregivers and government to help maximize the life expectancy of people with determination.
  • A- Accommodation: Provide accommodation for the people of determination.
  • T - Treatment: Provide lifelong therapies and treatment for the people of determination.
  • E- Empowerment: Provide an entrepreneurial environment for the people of determination.
  • S- Societal inclusion: We are ensuring social inclusion for people of determination.


To build a sustainable homestead that fosters social inclusion of persons of determination using our core value


A land space of a minimum of 2,000sqm to build the all-inclusive village/community for young adults of determination. This would include purpose-built studio flats, 1&2 bedroom apartments, recreation & therapy hall, Office building for entrepreneurs, cinema, laundry, green areas etc.

This land space should be located on the mainland of Lagos State for easy accessibility.


We need strategic partners to enable us to deliver on the above as a Foundation. The project is massive, and such has not been done in Nigeria or Africa. This project would put to rest the minds of parents and guidance of people of determination as they blossom into adulthood. It would be a place to finally implement the independency they have learnt in their various institutions. We need the following partners:


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